Prof Dr Muhaya

If we.dont spend time at the correct amount with the correct people you might destroy your home

Time n trust. The two T that is important in a family. Givevtrust Suspicion n doubt is a cancer. The chemotherapy is the person themselves. 

Admit our mistakes especially when we are too much on A person in front of you is more important

Enagage in discussion whenever there is problem. Do not be a perfectionist at home as it cause the home.

Never underestimate the.value of kind words to husband or wife

There is a drought of good words and there is a flood of bad words in family now. Use our words well. Express your love everyday everytime to all our family members. It increase our emotional bank account. Give compliments to all the food cooked.

We should be nicer to our spouse than people outside. If it is the other way round imagine how happy the.marriage is. 

A home break when husband and wife do not appreciate each other. 

Lets think whether we are happier immediately after being married compared to now. If it is not happier think of what mistake we.have made. How much at our spouse. The best among us is the person who is kind the spouse.

A smile is a curve that bring everything straight. See our face at home n outside. Ask why we are not happy at home due to our facial expression n how we speak.


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